Coaching that concentrates on you
and what you want to achieve for yourself, your team and your business.

Do you ever ask yourself...


  • How can I get more time to think and plan?
  • How should I lead my team?
  • How do I give responsibility to others and still keep my finger on the pulse?


  • How can I protect our team spirit as we grow?
  • How can I make this key appointment work?
  • How do I spot when someone’s nearing a glass ceiling?


  • How do we keep focus on the business as we grow?
  • How can we manage ourselves efficiently?
  • How will we integrate the business with a new partner?

Talk to someone who will listen to you and understand your situation.

I’ve worked at the sharp end for over 25 years, helping businesses to revitalise what they do or shape their strategy and grow. I understand business from a customer’s point of view and know how to build and manage good teams.

Now I help others to think, make decisions, take action and grow.

My coaching style is informal, creative and friendly. It’s also forthright, challenging and never dull!

If you would like to meet and talk about working together call 07855 524 259 or email