You’re the boss. Sometimes it’s good to talk

Few leaders, even the most experienced, have all the answers or can do their job without some objective support. The very nature of the role puts you under scrutiny and even small changes in your behaviour will be amplified in your organisation.

Some thinking is best done away from the microscope of a day-to-day role. You aren't in need of support as such but coaching gives you the space to think critically and reflect deeply, in private, before taking your conclusions and plans back to the business.

Help others to progress

You or someone in your team has great potential but lacks confidence or perspective about their role. Perhaps they need to prepare for a new challenge or shift their behaviour to enhance their standing in the business.

Coaching helps to identify goals, look realistically at the current position and work out how to make progress. It’s particularly useful for those who are new to a senior role and dealing with more experienced colleagues.

A key appointment isn’t working - yet

The challenge of moving into a new role can be overwhelming. You still believe you’ve made the right appointment - their skills and experience, their potential to build and manage a team, their ability to get results have all been proven elsewhere – but it’s not working yet.

Coaching helps identify what’s holding them back and helps build confidence in the new role. The dedicated time set aside for coaching offers space to reflect on what’s been happening and begin to reshape their behaviour for the new role.

Your business has been sold

It may be exactly what you’ve been working towards but that doesn’t mean the next stage will be easy or straightforward. The deal dictates an earn-out period to help integrate the business, and your team, into the new organisation. There can be a clash of cultures and a feeling of personal loss, a lack of autonomy or a sudden feeling of uncertainty.

Coaching restores equilibrium and helps you to navigate a challenging journey.

“Sheila’s advice is always incisive and clear. What makes it different is that I seem to come up with the solutions.”

Philippe, Business Owner

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